Compiler implementation of the D programming language.


Walter Bright

Source: backend/obj.d

  • Declaration

    nothrow size_t OmfObj_mangle(Symbol* s, char* dest);

  • Declaration

    nothrow int MsCoffObj_getsegment(const(char)* sectname, uint flags);

  • Declaration

    nothrow void ElfObj_dosseg();

  • Declaration

    nothrow void MachObj_dosseg();

  • Obj


    class Obj;

    Generic interface to the four object module file formats supported. Instead of using virtual functions (i.e. virtual dispatch) it uses static dispatch. Since config.objfmt never changes after initialization of the compiler, static branch prediction should make it faster than virtual dispatch.


    Making static dispatch work requires tediously repetitive boilerplate, which we accomplish via string mixins.