Implements the serialization of a lambda function.


The serializationis computed by visiting the abstract syntax subtree of the given lambda function. The serialization is a string which contains the type of the parameters and the string represantation of the lambda expression.


Walter Bright

Source: lambdacomp.d

  • Declaration

    bool isSameFuncLiteral(FuncLiteralDeclaration l1, FuncLiteralDeclaration l2, Scope* sc);

    Compares 2 lambda functions described by their serialization.


    FuncLiteralDeclaration l1

    first lambda to be compared

    FuncLiteralDeclaration l2

    second lambda to be compared

    Scope* sc

    the scope where the lambdas are compared

    Return Value

    true if the 2 lambda functions are equal, false otherwise