Invoke the linker as a separate process.


Walter Bright

Source: link.d

  • Declaration

    int runLINK();

    Run the linker. Return status of execution.

  • Declaration

    int runProgram();

    Run the compiled program. Return exit status.

  • Declaration

    int runPreprocessor(const(char)[] cpp, const(char)[] filename, const(char)* importc_h, ref Array!(const(char)*) cppswitches, const(char)[] output, OutBuffer* defines);

    Run the C preprocessor.


    const(char)[] cpp

    name of C preprocessor program

    const(char)[] filename

    C source file name

    const(char)* importc_h

    filename of importc.h

    Array!(const(char)*) cppswitches

    array of switches to pass to C preprocessor

    const(char)[] output

    preprocessed output file name

    OutBuffer* defines

    buffer to append any #define and #undef lines encountered to

    Return Value

    exit status.