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Compiler implementation of the D programming language.

Source: access.d

Prot getAccess(AggregateDeclaration ad, Dsymbol smember);
Return Prot access for Dsymbol smember in this declaration.
bool checkAccess(AggregateDeclaration ad, Loc loc, Scope* sc, Dsymbol smember);
Do access check for member of this class, this class being the type of the 'this' pointer used to access smember. Returns true if the member is not accessible.
bool isFriendOf(AggregateDeclaration ad, AggregateDeclaration cd);
Determine if this is the same or friend of cd.
bool hasPackageAccess(Scope* sc, Dsymbol s);
Determine if scope sc has package level access to s.
bool hasProtectedAccess(Scope* sc, Dsymbol s);
Determine if scope sc has protected level access to cd.
bool hasPrivateAccess(AggregateDeclaration ad, Dsymbol smember);
Determine if smember has access to private members of this declaration.
bool checkAccess(Loc loc, Scope* sc, Expression e, Declaration d);
Check access to d for expression e.d Returns true if the declaration is not accessible.
bool checkAccess(Loc loc, Scope* sc, Package p);
Check access to package/module p from scope sc.
Loc loc source location for issued error message
Scope* sc scope from which to access to a fully qualified package name
Package p the package/module to check access for
true if the package is not accessible.
Because a global symbol table tree is used for imported packages/modules, access to them needs to be checked based on the imports in the scope chain (see
bool symbolIsVisible(Module mod, Dsymbol s);
Check whether symbols s is visible in mod.
Module mod lookup origin
Dsymbol s symbol to check for visibility
true if s is visible in mod
bool symbolIsVisible(Dsymbol origin, Dsymbol s);
Same as above, but determines the lookup module from symbols origin.
bool symbolIsVisible(Scope* sc, Dsymbol s);
Same as above but also checks for protected symbols visible from scope sc. Used for qualified name lookup.
Scope* sc lookup scope
Dsymbol s symbol to check for visibility
true if s is visible by origin