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Compiler implementation of the D programming language.
Manage flow analysis for constructors.

Source ctorflow.d

struct CtorFlow;
Primitive flow analysis for constructors
CSX callSuper;
state of calling other constructors
CSX[] fieldinit;
state of field initializations
CtorFlow clone();
Create a deep copy of this
a copy
pure nothrow void orCSX(CSX csx);
Set CSX bits in flow analysis state
CSX csx bits to set
void OR(ref const CtorFlow ctorflow);
OR CSX bits to this
CtorFlow ctorflow bits to OR in
bool mergeFieldInitX(ref CSX fieldInit, const CSX fi);
Merge fi flow analysis results into fieldInit.
CSX fieldInit the path to merge fi into
CSX fi the other path
false means either fieldInit or fi skips initialization