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Pull-Request/Issue Manager Responsibilities

The D Language Foundation employs two part-time pull-request managers thanks to the sponsorship of Symmetry Investments. One of them is intended to fill an administrative/managerial role, the other a more technically-oriented role. This document outlines their general responsibilities in managing the pull requests submitted to the D Programming Language Github organization repositories, and the issues submitted to

The primary goal for the creation of these positions is to streamline the contribution process. We are grateful to the volunteers who have been doing the work of maintaining our Issue and PR queues over the past several years, but the loose nature of our process has been such that too many contributions grow stale (no one takes an interest, they become bottlenecked on one maintainer, etc). Contributors should have confidence that their submissions, be they bug reports or content contributions, will be reviewed and shepherded to a conclusion without languishing for long periods of time. With paid staff overseeing the process, we expect the process will become more efficient, and contributors will have a primary point of contact to assist with tracking and resolving their contributions.

The following list is divided into Administrative and Technical responsibilities. Some may overlap, and there may be loose boundaries between others. We trust the PR managers to establish their own approach to carrying out these responsibilities.

In the text below, APR refers the Administrative PR Manager Role, TPR refers to the Technical PR Manager Role.

Administrative Responsibilities

In order to effectively carry out his responsibilities, the APR needs to be aware of which core contributors are responsible for which areas and which community members to contact when necessary to resolve issues, and have an understanding of the general direction the language and ecosystem are going (i.e., for any given PR, the APR should be able to answer the question, "Do we do this?").

Technical Responsibilities

In order to effectively carry out the responsibilities of this role, the TPR needs a solid understanding of the architecture of our GitHub projects (i.e., for any given PR, the TPR should be able to answer the question, "Can we do this?").