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Organizations using the D Language

Marketing Platform

SEO tools and a search engine
Ahrefs is processing petabytes of data to build a web search engine with D.

Leading weather services provider in the Arab world
Only D drawback: it's so pleasant that coding in any other language becomes a nuisance.

Real-time exchange for B2B credit
D is a superb language for high volume, low latency order matching.

Audio processing
Nothing quite matches D's power.

Photography Software
The meta programming capabilites of D are unmatched and are essential for our whole software stack.

Hardware and Software development
We use D to develop MVC web framework for embedded systems.

Digital Signal Processing
If you are looking for a powerful language that can support many programming styles, compiles natively, and is blazing fast, then D may be worth checking out.

One of the world’s largest marketplaces
Large scale data mining tools. Command line tools in D

Supplier Management tool for SME
Core applications (Public API, Support app) use D.

Data-driven modelling
N-dimensional dataset processing, in-memory data manipulation

Online social networking service

MMO Game Developer
D, with its elegance, simplicity and performance, turned out to be the perfect replacement for Node.js

Passenger information systems
We use D to achieve perfect, well-readable code.

Video processing
D shines from low-level control to high-level abstractions.

Instant delivery platform
D tremendously helps us to monitor our entire Kubernetes infrastructure.

Interactive teaching platform
We use D language for microservices and other awesome things!

Automotive Research
D is used for software development tools.

Electrical appliances testing company
D is the preferred choice to develop web apps for our equipments!

Entertainment company
A modern systems language with a very gentle learning curve. multiple orders of magnitude of performance gain ... seasoned developers leverage an excellent templating engine, compile-time functionalities and lower-level features.

Science and technology for kids
Large scale use of D for distributed systems and cloud storage.

Triple-A game development
First Triple-A game Quantum Break with D code.

Software and services for ship design, fairing and on-board loading calculations
Translating ca. 500K LoC of ISO 10206 Extended Pascal to D.

Alternative Investment Management
Analytics and investment tools.

Tagion is a decentralized network for high volume transactions and distributed solutions
D is not just a programming language; it is a paradigm shift towards effiency, safety and expressiveness.

Largest Swiss media company
D is not only a highly productive language, but also a great hiring filter.

Natural Language Processing and information retrieval/search
D is used for data processing

Themed vacation websites
Very good ratio of performance to productivity.

Software development services
We have been using D for 6+ years to develop and sell our GamePlanPro platform. Our company has been operating for 32 years and we are committed to using D as our preferred programming language.

Software defined storage
Complete distributed storage solution (over 200K LoC).

Software protection and licensing solution
The D programming language is a first-class citizen in our SDKs.

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