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D Language Foundation Sponsors

Development of the D programming language is driven by the passion and dedication of its users. From submitting and reviewing pull requests to reporting issues, offering help in the forums, and writing guest posts for the official blog, the members of the D community contribute as and how they can, most often for no compensation other than personal satisfaction.

Behind the scenes, the D Language Foundation sets priority tasks, works with partners to organize the annual DConf, awards scholarships, promotes the language, and more. Here, again, members of the community keep the wheels rolling through their generous contributions.

On this page, we recognize some of those who have made monetary donations to the D Language Foundation. Each donation, big and small, enables us to keep working toward our goals.

Corporate and Organizational Sponsors

Alternative Investment Management
Analytics and investment tools.

Software defined storage
Complete distributed storage solution (over 200K LoC).

Backers on OpenCollective

Backers on Other Platforms

The following list is ordered by total donation amount, descending, and is far from exhaustive. If you have donated to the D Language Foundation and want to see your name (or alias) in the list, please let us know at [email protected]. We're eager to add you to it!