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Contribute to the D Language Foundation

The D Language Foundation is a 501(c) non-profit public charity devoted to advancing open source technology related to the D programming language.

The D Language Foundation:

We are always in search of ways to improve the D programming language experience for new and existing D users. Whether that means hiring programmers to carry out contract work, sponsoring bounties on specific tasks, providing scholarships for students performing D-related research, or anything else that benefits the D community and ecosystem, we cannot make any of it happen without funding. We welcome contributions from both organizations and individuals. Your help is highly appreciated and is what enables the D Language Foundation to fulfill its mission.

How will my donation be used?

The General Fund supports all of the D Language Foundation's regular operations (DConf expenses, part-time workers, blog post bounties, etc.), and is sometimes used to seed new initiatives. One of the important ways we make use of the General Fund is in awarding scholarships to highly skilled students. Each $5 you donate contributes to approximately one hour of work by a talented graduate student, and these hours add quickly toward important projects that further the state of the art in the D programming language.

If you want to support us and have no particular project you'd like your donation to be directed toward, then your money is best aimed at the General Fund where we'll use it as we need it. You may donate to the General Fund via our targeted Flipcause campaign or via any of the other donation methods listed further down this page (the General Fund is the default with these methods when you leave no comments directing us where to target the donation).

The Human Resource Fund for D Ecoystem Tasks is earmarked for contract work to complete important tasks in the D ecosystem that are too complex for a simple bounty. For example, it has been used to fund work on Android support in the LDC D compiler and to port DRuntime to WebASM. We will have more work to fund in the future, so we welcome all donations to this fund to support that future work.

The Task Bounty system allows any donation to be targeted specifically toward increasing an existing bounty or seeding a new one. Visit the Task Bounties page to see the list of currently available bounties. Click on any of the cards to increase the bounty for a specific task. The first card in the list is the "Task Bounty Catch-All". Clicking this allows you to:

You may read more about Task Bounties at the D Blog.

If you have a specific target or project that you wish to directly support and you feel it does not fit well into our Task Bounty system, please contact the D Language Foundation.

How can I donate?

Of the following methods of donating to the D Language Foundation, Flipcause is the only one that allows you to directly target your donation at any of our specific funds or initiatives. But you can still do so with any of the other approaches by either leaving us a note in the provided comment field or, where no comment field is available, emailing us to let us know.

The D Language Foundation is a non-profit organization

By the Foundation bylaws, its officers (Walter Bright, Andrei Alexandrescu and Ali Çehreli) cannot receive income from the Foundation, which preempts a variety of conflicts of interest.

For US taxpayers, contributions to the D Language Foundation are tax-deductible. The D Language Foundation is a 501(c) non-profit public charity registered in the state of Washington, USA. You should consult your tax adviser for rules as they apply to your situation.

Donations to the D Language Foundation are currently not tax-deductible in most other countries as they require an organisation to be incorporated in that country and the D Language Foundation does currently not have the resources to do so.

If you have a question about donations, please write to the D Language Foundation at [email protected].