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Compiler implementation of the D programming language

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Walter Bright,
bool combineSpellerResult(ref void* p, ref int cost, void* np, int ncost);
combine a new result from the spell checker to find the one with the closest symbol with respect to the cost defined by the search function Input/Output: p best found spelling (NULL if none found yet) cost cost of p (INT_MAX if none found yet)

Input: np new found spelling (NULL if none found) ncost cost of np if non-NULL

true if the cost is less or equal 0 false otherwise
void* speller(const(char)* seed, scope dg_speller_t dg, const(char)* charset);
Looks for correct spelling. Currently only looks a 'distance' of one from the seed[]. This does an exhaustive search, so can potentially be very slow.

Input: seed wrongly spelled word dg search delegate charset character set

NULL no correct spellings found void* value returned by dg() for first possible correct spelling