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Organizations using the D Language

Marketing Platform

Real-time exchange for B2B credit
D is a superb language for high volume, low latency order matching.

Audio processing
Nothing quite matches D's power.

Hardware and Software development
We use D to develop MVC web framework for embedded systems.

One of the world’s largest marketplaces
Large scale data mining tools.

Supplier Management tool for SME
Core applications (Public API, Support app) use D.

Data-driven modelling
N-dimensional dataset processing, in-memory data manipulation

Online social networking service

MMO Game Developer
D, with its elegance, simplicity and performance, turned out to be the perfect replacement for Node.js

Passenger information systems
We use D to achieve perfect, well-readable code.

Video processing
D shines from low-level control to high-level abstractions.

Science and technology for kids
Large scale use of D for distributed systems and cloud storage.

Triple-A game development
First Triple-A game Quantum Break with D code.

Real-time personalized advertising
Key infrastructure in D - main sponsor of D conference 2016.

Largest Swiss media company
D is not only a highly productive language, but also a great hiring filter.

Themed vacation websites
Very good ratio of performance to productivity.

Software defined storage
Complete distributed storage solution (over 200K LoC).

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