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Change Log: 2.001

previous version: 2.000 – next version: 2.002

Download D 2.001
released Jun 27, 2007

New/Changed Features

  • Added D_Version2 predefined identifier to indicate this is a D version 2.0 compiler
  • Added __VENDOR__ and __VERSION__.
  • Now an error to use both const and invariant as storage classes for the same declaration
  • The .init property for a variable is now based on its type, not its initializer.

Bugs Fixed

  • std.compiler now is automatically updated.
  • Fixed problem catting mutable to invariant arrays.
  • Fixed CFTE bug with e++ and e--.
  • Bugzilla 1254: Using a parameter initialized to void in a compile-time evaluated function doesn't work
  • Bugzilla 1256: "with" statement with symbol
  • Bugzilla 1259: Inline build triggers an illegal error msg "Error: S() is not an lvalue"
  • Bugzilla 1260: Another tuple bug
  • Bugzilla 1261: Regression from overzealous error message
  • Bugzilla 1262: Local variable of struct type initialized by literal resets when compared to .init
  • Bugzilla 1263: Template function overload fails when overloading on both template and non-template class
  • Bugzilla 1268: Struct literals try to initialize static arrays of non-static structs incorrectly
  • Bugzilla 1269: Compiler crash on assigning to an element of a void-initialized array in CTFE
  • Bugzilla 1270: -inline produces an ICE
  • Bugzilla 1272: problems with the new 1.0 section
  • Bugzilla 1274: 2.0 beta link points to which is the 1.x chain
  • Bugzilla 1275: ambiguity with 'in' meaning
  • Bugzilla 1276: static assert message displayed with escaped characters
  • Bugzilla 1277: "in final const scope" not considered redundant storage classes
  • Bugzilla 1279: const/invariant functions don't accept const/invariant return types
  • Bugzilla 1280: std.socket.Socket.send (void[],SocketFlags) should take a const(void)[] instead
  • Bugzilla 1283: writefln: formatter applies to following variable
  • Bugzilla 1286: crash on invariant struct member function referencing globals
previous version: 2.000 – next version: 2.002