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Change Log: 2.015

previous version: 2.014 – next version: 2.016

Download D 2.015
released Jun 17, 2008

New/Changed Features

Bugs Fixed

  • Bugzilla 1383: Implicit Function Instantiation with typesafe-variadic of delegates doesn't work
  • Bugzilla 1559: version statement makes code outside of it disappear
  • Bugzilla 1675: "Identifier too long" error with OMF object files
  • Bugzilla 1947: ICE (Assertion failure: '0' on statement.c:123) with null mixin
  • Bugzilla 1963: -H creates broken headers
  • Bugzilla 2098: Outdated docs
  • Bugzilla 2099: Text and Sample Code Disagree (non-static local invariant declaration)
  • Bugzilla 2112: the type of undefined variable incorrectly assumed to be int
  • Bugzilla 2118: Inconsistent use of string vs invariant(char[]) in doc
  • Bugzilla 2123: Anonymous class crashes
  • Bugzilla 2129: foreach won't work with invariant limits
  • Bugzilla 2132: CTFE: can't evaluate ~= at compile time, D2 only.
  • Bugzilla 2133: anonymous enum without {} doesn't work as asm value
  • Bugzilla 2136: typeof(super(...)) counted as a constructor call
  • Bugzilla 2140: static if as final statement with no code causes containing code to be skipped
  • Bugzilla 2143: Mixed-in identifier is not recognized by static if
  • Bugzilla 2144: 'is' is defined to be the same as '==' for non-class and non-array types, but does not call opEquals
  • Bugzilla 2145: Phobos buildsystem unable to build html
  • Bugzilla 2146: Multiple execution of 'static this' defined in template
  • Bugzilla 2149: Auto variables loose the keyword "auto" in di files generated with -H option.
previous version: 2.014 – next version: 2.016