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Change Log: 2.018

previous version: 2.017 – next version: 2.019

Download D 2.018
released Aug 7, 2008

New/Changed Features

Bugs Fixed

  • Added hash to generated module names when building libs to reduce collisions
  • Bugzilla 1622: parameters to seem to be switched around.
  • Bugzilla 1644: Template instantiation should automatically cast to const to make const-ness irrelevant when argument is const anyways
  • Bugzilla 2216: bad code generation for static arrays of zero length static arrays
  • Bugzilla 2223: Typo in error message
  • Bugzilla 2231: missing bigint document
  • Bugzilla 2242: linux system calls are canceled by GC
  • Bugzilla 2247: bad header file generated for if (auto o = ...) {}
  • Bugzilla 2248: .di should be a supported file extension
  • Bugzilla 2250: Update of user32.lib and kernel32.lib
  • Bugzilla 2254: Size of executable almost triples
  • Bugzilla 2258: Docs -> Inline Assembler -> Operand Types -> qword missing
  • Bugzilla 2259: Assertion failure: '0' on line 122 in file 'statement.c'
  • Bugzilla 2266: opEquals documentation still says it returns int
  • Bugzilla 2269: D BUG: cosine of complex
  • Bugzilla 2272: synchronized attribute documentation
  • Bugzilla 2273: Whitespace is not inserted after commas
previous version: 2.017 – next version: 2.019