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Change Log: 2.046

previous version: 2.045 – next version: 2.047

Download D 2.046
released May 10, 2010

New/Changed Features

  • Add hints for missing import declarations.
  • Speed up compilation.
  • All length methods in Phobos are now a @property.
  • Bugzilla 1001: print stack trace (in debug mode) when program die

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix hanging problem on undefined identifiers.
  • Bugzilla 461: Constant not understood to be constant when circular module dependency exists.
  • Bugzilla 945: template forward reference with named nested struct only
  • Bugzilla 1055: union forward reference "overlapping initialization" error
  • Bugzilla 2085: CTFE fails if the function is forward referenced
  • Bugzilla 2386: Array of forward referenced struct doesn't compile
  • Bugzilla 3945: AssertExpression message should implicitly convert to const char[]
  • Bugzilla 4015: forward reference in alias causes error
  • Bugzilla 4016: const initializer cannot forward reference other const initializer
  • Bugzilla 4042: Unable to instantiate a struct template.
  • Bugzilla 4100: Break and continue to label should mention foreach
  • Bugzilla 4116: object.di does not match object_.d
  • Bugzilla 4146: Unavailable: core.sys.posix.sys.wait.waitid()
  • Bugzilla 4184: associative array with certain key types results in corrupt values during iteration
previous version: 2.045 – next version: 2.047