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Change Log: 2.044

previous version: 2.043 – next version: 2.045

Download D 2.044
released Apr 30, 2010

New/Changed Features

  • Improve spelling checking distance to 2.
  • Now all unittests are run, even if some fail
  • Many small improvements to error diagnostics and recovery

Bugs Fixed

  • Bugzilla 1079: gdb: Dwarf Error: Cannot find DIE at 0xb705 referenced from DIE at 0x250
  • Bugzilla 2437: ICE(tocsym.c, !needThis()) - default struct argument
  • Bugzilla 2935: ICE(out.c) using struct with constructor as function default argument
  • Bugzilla 2549: Segfault on array multiplication.
  • Bugzilla 3066: Array operation without a slice as the lvalue accepted, bad codegen
  • Bugzilla 3207: gdb: Push D patches upstream
  • Bugzilla 3415: broken JSON output
  • Bugzilla 3522: ICE(cg87.c): variable*array[].
  • Bugzilla 3987: [gdb] Invalid DWARF output for function pointers
  • Bugzilla 3974: ICE(init.c): Static array initializer with more elements than destination array
  • Bugzilla 4036: Segfault with -inline and literal of struct containing union
  • Bugzilla 4037: [gdb] Invalid DWARF output for wchar
  • Bugzilla 4038: [gdb] Invalid DWARF output for function pointers with ref args
  • Bugzilla 4067: [CTFE] Code inside try-catch blocks is silently ignored
  • Bugzilla 4072: Stack overflow on recursive template expansion inside contract
  • Bugzilla 4081: cannot compile the dmd on FreeBSD 8
  • Bugzilla 4089: crash when creating JSON output for incomplete struct
  • Bugzilla 4093: Segfault(interpret.c): with recursive struct templates
  • Bugzilla 4105: Stack overflow involving alias template parameters and undefined identifier
  • Bugzilla 4108: ICE(cod2.c): zero-length static array in function call
  • Bugzilla 4118:!SomeStruct("hello") crashes compiler
  • Bugzilla 4131: break does not work correctly with foreach and associative arrays
previous version: 2.043 – next version: 2.045