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Change Log: 2.043

previous version: 2.042 – next version: 2.044

Download D 2.043
released Apr 6, 2010

New/Changed Features

  • .init property for static arrays is now an array literal
  • Improved speed of associative arrays
  • std.bigint has been completely replaced with a faster implementation. Multiplication is now 5 times faster, division is 300 times faster, and squaring is 10 times faster. For large numbers (~5000 words), the speedup is 5 times larger than this.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed memory corruption problem with array appends
  • Bugzilla 122: DDoc newline behaviour produces suboptimal results
  • Bugzilla 1628: Ddoc produces invalid documentation for --- blocks
  • Bugzilla 2609: No documentation generated for destructor
  • Bugzilla 3808: Assertion Failure : Assertion failure: 'classinfo->structsize == CLASSINFO_SIZE' on line 870 in file 'toobj.c'
  • Bugzilla 3884: Segfault: defining a typedef with an invalid object.d
  • Bugzilla 3911: Associative array in CTFE crashes compiler
  • Bugzilla 3958: mixin(non-static method) crashes compiler
  • Bugzilla 3972: Regarding module with name different from its file name
  • Bugzilla 3984: Segfault(interpret.c): CTFE using struct constructor on a local static variable
  • Bugzilla 3986: Struct constructors bypass default initialization of member variables
  • Bugzilla 4002: dmd.conf and binary path in dmd -v output
  • Bugzilla 4004: DMD 2.042 CTFE regression with functions taking ref parameters
  • Bugzilla 4005: std.c.stdlib.exit in CTFE and more
  • Bugzilla 4011: Incorrect function overloading using mixins
  • Bugzilla 4019: [CTFE] Adding an item to an empty AA
  • Bugzilla 4020: [ICE][CTFE] struct postblit in CTFE
  • Bugzilla 4023: std.math.hypot() returns infinity when either argument is zero
  • Bugzilla 4027: Closures in CTFE generate wrong code
  • Bugzilla 4029: CTFE: cannot invoke delegate returned from function
previous version: 2.042 – next version: 2.044