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Change Log: 2.033

previous version: 2.032 – next version: 2.034

Download D 2.033
released Oct 5, 2009

New/Changed Features

  • Phobos is now using the Boost 1.0 license
  • Compiler now detects some cases of illegal null dereferencing when compiled with -O
  • The result type of the typeid(type) is now the most derived TypeInfo class, rather than the TypeInfo base class
  • Bugzilla 2905: Faster +-*/ involving a floating-pointing literal
  • Improved performance of int-to-string conversion

Bugs Fixed

  • gdb stack trace should work now
  • Bugzilla 302: in/out contract inheritance yet to be implemented
  • Bugzilla 718: ICE(cgcod.c) with int /= cast(creal)
  • Bugzilla 814: lazy argument + variadic arguments = segfault
  • Bugzilla 1168: Passing a .stringof of an expression as a template value parameter results in the string of the type
  • Bugzilla 1253: array initializers as expressions are not allowed in const arrays
  • Bugzilla 1571: Segfault(class.c) const on function parameters not carried through to .di file
  • Bugzilla 1731: forward reference of function type alias resets calling convention
  • Bugzilla 2202: Error getting type of non-static member of a class
  • Bugzilla 2469: ICE(cod1.c) arbitrary struct accepted as struct initializer
  • Bugzilla 2697: Cast of float function return to ulong or uint gives bogus value
  • Bugzilla 2702: Struct initialisation silently inserts deadly casts
  • Bugzilla 2839: ICE(cgcs.c) with int /= imaginary
  • Bugzilla 2970: std.path.join with version(Windows)
  • Bugzilla 2998: ICE(expression.c) with floating point enum
  • Bugzilla 3049: ICE(cod4.c) or segfault: Array operation on void[] array
  • Bugzilla 3059: Nonsensical complex op= should be illegal
  • Bugzilla 3132: std.string.split should be templated on mutable/const/immutable - closing again after the reopening on 2009-09-03 07:56:25 PDT
  • Bugzilla 3160: ICE(cgcod.c 1511-D1) or bad code-D2 returning string from void main
  • Bugzilla 3173: ICE(mtype.c) on wrong code (double to long to int conversion)
  • Bugzilla 3288: conv.d: using to with const int or long fails to compile.
  • Bugzilla 3300: std.string.toupper and tolower should be (const(char)[]), not string
  • Bugzilla 3304: Segfault using 'is' with a pointer enum.
  • Bugzilla 3305: Segfault(expression.c) with recursive struct template alias expressions
  • Bugzilla 3333:!(string, const int) error: cannot modify const
  • Bugzilla 3335: minor warning cleanups
  • Bugzilla 3336: ICE(glue.c) declaring AA with tuple key, only with -g
  • Bugzilla 3340: std.string.split(S1 s, S2 delim) still doesn't work for char[]
  • Bugzilla 3353: storage class of a member function is propagated to default arguments
  • (unlisted): std.algorithm: bug in reduce when passed const arguments
  • (unlisted): std.stdio: fixed documentation example
  • (unlisted): std.utf: fixed decodeFront and decodeBack
previous version: 2.032 – next version: 2.034