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Change Log: 2.004

previous version: 2.003 – next version: 2.005all versions

Download D 2.004
released Sep 5, 2007

New/Changed Features

  • Added command line switches -defaultlib and -debuglib
  • Bugzilla 1445: Add default library options to sc.ini / dmd.conf
  • Changed result type of IsExpression from int to bool.
  • Added isSame and compiles to __traits.
  • Added optional TemplateParameterList to IsExpression.
  • Added warning when override is omitted.
  • Added std.hiddenfunc.
  • Added trace_term() to object.d to fix Bugzilla 971: No profiling output is generated if the application terminates with exit
  • Multiple module static constructors/destructors allowed.
  • Added new syntax for string literals (delimited, heredoc, D tokens)
  • Added __EOF__ token

Bugs Fixed

previous version: 2.003 – next version: 2.005all versions