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Promoting D Projects (or Internet Marketing 101)

So you've written a cool project in D, and it's ready for others to use or to get involved with helping develop it further. Just posting a zip file isn't going to work. All your blood, sweat and effort will just go to waste. You'll need to provide a way for people who want to know about your project to be able to find it.

The steps are:

  1. Create a web page for the project
  2. Let people know about it

Creating a Web Page

A good web page should include the following:

Promoting the Project

Submit the page or article to the following:

Send me a cut-and-paste html snippet to place on dlinks.

If your project is a conversion of an existing project to D, email the project leader of that existing project and suggest that he incorporate a link to your project on his page.

For the absolutely most effective results, submit articles to: