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Change Log: 2.007

previous version: 2.006 – next version: 2.008all versions

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released Oct 31, 2007

New/Changed Features

  • Functors now supported by std.traits.ReturnType().
  • Transitive const now leaves invariants intact in the tail.
  • Added overloadable unary * operation as opStar().
  • Full closure support added.
  • Data items in static data segment >= 16 bytes in size are now paragraph aligned.

Bugs Fixed

  • Variables of type void[0] can now be declared.
  • Static multidimensional arrays can now be initialized with other matching static multidimensional arrays.
  • Bugzilla 318: wait does not release thread resources on Linux
  • Bugzilla 322: Spawning threads which allocate and free memory leads to pause error on collect
  • Bugzilla 645: Race condition in std.thread.Thread.pauseAll
  • Bugzilla 689: Clean up the spec printfs!
  • Bugzilla 697: No const folding on asm db,dw, etc
  • Bugzilla 706: incorrect type deduction for array literals in functions
  • Bugzilla 708: inline assembler: "CVTPS2PI mm, xmm/m128" fails to compile
  • Bugzilla 709: inline assembler: "CVTPD2PI mm, xmm/m128" fails to compile
  • Bugzilla 718: Internal error: ../ztc/cgcod.c 562
  • Bugzilla 723: bad mixin of class definitions at function level: func.c:535: virtual void FuncDeclaration::semantic3(Scope*): Assertion 0 failed
  • Bugzilla 725: expression.c:6516: virtual Expression* MinAssignExp::semantic(Scope*): Assertion e2->type->isfloating() failed.
  • Bugzilla 726: incorrect error line for "override" mixin
  • Bugzilla 729: scope(...) statement in SwitchBody causes compiler to segfault
  • Bugzilla 1258: Garbage collector loses memory upon array concatenation
  • Bugzilla 1480: throws the new override warning all over the place
  • Bugzilla 1483: Errors in threads not directed to stderr
  • Bugzilla 1557: std.zlib allocates void[]s instead of ubyte[]s, causing leaks.
  • Bugzilla 1580: concatenating invariant based strings should work
  • Bugzilla 1593: ICE compiler crash empty return statement in function
  • Bugzilla 1613: DMD hangs on syntax error
  • Bugzilla 1618: Typo in std\system.d
previous version: 2.006 – next version: 2.008all versions