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Change Log: 2.008

previous version: 2.007 – next version: 2.009all versions

Download D 2.008
released Nov 27, 2007

New/Changed Features

  • std.string: Made munch more general and added function chompPrefix.
  • std.variant: Added documentation for variantArray
  • std.traits: Added CommonType template, fixed isStaticArray.
  • std.bitarray: scheduled for deprecation
  • std.bitmanip: new module with the content of std.bitarray plus the bitfields, FloatRep, and DoubleRep templates
  • std.process: Made getpid visible in Linux builds
  • std.math: Made nextafter visible for all floating types. Added approxEqual template.
  • std.contracts: Added enforce signature taking an exception
  • std.conv: Made conv_error a template parameterized on the types being converted.
  • std.stdio: Cosmetic changes.
  • std.system: Cosmetic changes.
  • std.file: Fixed bug in function dirEntries.
  • std.random: Major addition of engines and distributions.
  • std.format: Added raw ('r') format specifier for writef*.
  • std.path: Added rel2abs (Linux version only).
  • std.algorithm: new module
  • std.typecons: new module
  • std.functional: new module
  • std.numeric: new module
  • Added const/invariant structs, classes and interfaces.
  • Added const and invariant to IsExpressions.
  • Added typeof(return) type specifier.
  • Changed the way coverage analysis is done so it is independent of order dependencies among modules.
  • Revamped const/invariant.

Bugs Fixed

  • Bugzilla 70: valgrind: Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) in elf_findstr
  • Bugzilla 71: valgrind: Invalid read of size 4 in elf_renumbersyms
  • Bugzilla 204: Error message on attempting to instantiate an abstract class needs to be improved
  • Bugzilla 1508: dmd/linux template symbol issues
  • Bugzilla 1651: .di file generated with -H switch does not translate function() arguments correctly
  • Bugzilla 1655: Internal error: ..\ztc\cgcod.c 1817
  • Bugzilla 1656: illegal declaration accepted
  • Bugzilla 1664: (1.23).stringof generates bad code
  • Bugzilla 1665: Internal error: ..\ztc\cod2.c 411
previous version: 2.007 – next version: 2.009all versions