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Compiler implementation of the D programming language.

Source: dscope.d

enum int CSXthis_ctor;
called this()
enum int CSXsuper_ctor;
called super()
enum int CSXthis;
referenced this
enum int CSXsuper;
referenced super
enum int CSXlabel;
seen a label
enum int CSXreturn;
seen a return statement
enum int CSXany_ctor;
either this() or super() was called
enum int CSXhalt;
enum int SCOPEctor;
constructor type
enum int SCOPEcondition;
inside static if/assert condition
enum int SCOPEdebug;
inside debug conditional
enum int SCOPEnoaccesscheck;
don't do access checks
enum int SCOPEconstraint;
inside template constraint
enum int SCOPEinvariant;
inside invariant code
enum int SCOPErequire;
inside in contract code
enum int SCOPEensure;
inside out contract code
enum int SCOPEcontract;
[mask] we're inside contract code
enum int SCOPEctfe;
inside a ctfe-only expression
enum int SCOPEcompile;
inside _traits(compile)
enum int SCOPEignoresymbolvisibility;
ignore symbol visibility
enum int SCOPEfree;

https: //

is on free list

enum int SCOPEfullinst;
fully instantiate templates