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Compiler implementation of the D programming language. Entry point for DMD.
This modules defines the entry point (main) for DMD, as well as related utilities needed for arguments parsing, path manipulation, etc... This file is not shared with other compilers which use the DMD front-end.

Source: mars.d


https: //


https: //

Module entrypoint;
DMD-generated module __entrypoint where the C main resides
Module rootHasMain;
Module in which the D main is
void genCmain(Scope* sc);
Generate C main() in response to seeing D main().
This function will generate a module called __entrypoint, and set the globals entrypoint and rootHasMain.
This used to be in druntime, but contained a reference to Dmain which didn't work when druntime was made into a dll and was linked to a program, such as a C++ program, that didn't have a Dmain.
Scope* sc Scope which triggered the generation of the C main, used to get the module where the D main is.
int main();
Entry point which forwards to tryMain.
Return code of the application