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Compiler implementation of the D programming language

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Walter Bright,
struct FileName;
Encapsulate path and file names.
static pure nothrow bool absolute(const(char)* name);
Determine if path is absolute.
const(char)* name path
true if absolute path name.
static pure nothrow const(char)* ext(const(char)* str);
Determine file name extension as slice of input.
const(char)* str file name
filename extension (read-only). Points past '.' of extension. If there isn't one, return null.
static nothrow const(char)* removeExt(const(char)* str);
Return file name without extension.
const(char)* str file name
mem.xmalloc'd filename with extension removed.
static pure nothrow const(char)* name(const(char)* str);
Return filename name excluding path (read-only).
static nothrow const(char)* path(const(char)* str);
Return path portion of str. Path will does not include trailing path separator.
static nothrow const(char)* replaceName(const(char)* path, const(char)* name);
Replace filename portion of path.
static nothrow const(char)* defaultExt(const(char)* name, const(char)* ext);
Free returned value with FileName::free()
static nothrow const(char)* forceExt(const(char)* name, const(char)* ext);
Free returned value with FileName::free()
const pure nothrow bool equalsExt(const(char)* ext);
Return !=0 if extensions match.
static nothrow const(char)* searchPath(Strings* path, const(char)* name, bool cwd);
Search Path for file.

Input: cwd if true, search current directory before searching path

static nothrow const(char)* safeSearchPath(Strings* path, const(char)* name);
Search Path for file in a safe manner.
Be wary of CWE-22: Improper Limitation of a Pathname to a Restricted Directory ('Path Traversal') attacks.

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NULL file not found !=NULL mem.xmalloc'd file name
static nothrow const(char)* canonicalName(const(char)* name);
Return canonical version of name in a malloc'd buffer. This code is high risk.
static nothrow void free(const(char)* str);
Free memory allocated by FileName routines