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Compiler implementation of the D programming language.

Source: opover.d

bool isCommutative(TOK op);
Determine if operands of binary op can be reversed to fit operator overload.
AggregateDeclaration isAggregate(Type t);
If type is a class or struct, return the symbol for it, else NULL
Objects* opToArg(Scope* sc, TOK op);
Helper function to turn operator into template argument list
Expression op_overload(Expression e, Scope* sc);
Operator overload. Check for operator overload, if so, replace with function call. Return NULL if not an operator overload.
Expression compare_overload(BinExp e, Scope* sc, Identifier id);
Common code for overloading of EqualExp and CmpExp
Expression build_overload(Loc loc, Scope* sc, Expression ethis, Expression earg, Dsymbol d);
Utility to build a function call out of this reference and argument.
Dsymbol search_function(ScopeDsymbol ad, Identifier funcid);
Search for function funcid in aggregate ad.
bool inferApplyArgTypes(ForeachStatement fes, Scope* sc, ref Dsymbol sapply);
Given array of parameters and an aggregate type, if any of the parameter types are missing, attempt to infer them from the aggregate type.