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D header file for C99.
This module contains bindings to selected types and functions from the standard C header <inttypes.h>. Note that this is not automatically generated, and may omit some types/functions from the original C header.
Distributed under the Boost Software License 1.0. (See accompanying file LICENSE)
Sean Kelly
ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (E)
struct imaxdiv_t;
enum _cstr PRId8;
enum _cstr PRId16;
enum _cstr PRId32;
enum _cstr PRId64;
enum _cstr PRIdLEAST8;
enum _cstr PRIdLEAST16;
enum _cstr PRIdLEAST32;
enum _cstr PRIdLEAST64;
enum _cstr PRIdFAST8;
enum _cstr PRIdFAST16;
enum _cstr PRIdFAST32;
enum _cstr PRIdFAST64;
enum _cstr PRIi8;
enum _cstr PRIi16;
enum _cstr PRIi32;
enum _cstr PRIi64;
enum _cstr PRIiLEAST8;
enum _cstr PRIiLEAST16;
enum _cstr PRIiLEAST32;
enum _cstr PRIiLEAST64;
enum _cstr PRIiFAST8;
enum _cstr PRIiFAST16;
enum _cstr PRIiFAST32;
enum _cstr PRIiFAST64;
enum _cstr PRIo8;
enum _cstr PRIo16;
enum _cstr PRIo32;
enum _cstr PRIo64;
enum _cstr PRIoLEAST8;
enum _cstr PRIoLEAST16;
enum _cstr PRIoLEAST32;
enum _cstr PRIoLEAST64;
enum _cstr PRIoFAST8;
enum _cstr PRIoFAST16;
enum _cstr PRIoFAST32;
enum _cstr PRIoFAST64;
enum _cstr PRIu8;
enum _cstr PRIu16;
enum _cstr PRIu32;
enum _cstr PRIu64;
enum _cstr PRIuLEAST8;
enum _cstr PRIuLEAST16;
enum _cstr PRIuLEAST32;
enum _cstr PRIuLEAST64;
enum _cstr PRIuFAST8;
enum _cstr PRIuFAST16;
enum _cstr PRIuFAST32;
enum _cstr PRIuFAST64;
enum _cstr PRIx8;
enum _cstr PRIx16;
enum _cstr PRIx32;
enum _cstr PRIx64;
enum _cstr PRIxLEAST8;
enum _cstr PRIxLEAST16;
enum _cstr PRIxLEAST32;
enum _cstr PRIxLEAST64;
enum _cstr PRIxFAST8;
enum _cstr PRIxFAST16;
enum _cstr PRIxFAST32;
enum _cstr PRIxFAST64;
enum _cstr PRIX8;
enum _cstr PRIX16;
enum _cstr PRIX32;
enum _cstr PRIX64;
enum _cstr PRIXLEAST8;
enum _cstr PRIXLEAST16;
enum _cstr PRIXLEAST32;
enum _cstr PRIXLEAST64;
enum _cstr PRIXFAST8;
enum _cstr PRIXFAST16;
enum _cstr PRIXFAST32;
enum _cstr PRIXFAST64;
enum _cstr SCNd8;
enum _cstr SCNd16;
enum _cstr SCNd32;
enum _cstr SCNd64;
enum _cstr SCNdLEAST8;
enum _cstr SCNdLEAST16;
enum _cstr SCNdLEAST32;
enum _cstr SCNdLEAST64;
enum _cstr SCNdFAST8;
enum _cstr SCNdFAST16;
enum _cstr SCNdFAST32;
enum _cstr SCNdFAST64;
enum _cstr SCNi8;
enum _cstr SCNi16;
enum _cstr SCNi32;
enum _cstr SCNi64;
enum _cstr SCNiLEAST8;
enum _cstr SCNiLEAST16;
enum _cstr SCNiLEAST32;
enum _cstr SCNiLEAST64;
enum _cstr SCNiFAST8;
enum _cstr SCNiFAST16;
enum _cstr SCNiFAST32;
enum _cstr SCNiFAST64;
enum _cstr SCNo8;
enum _cstr SCNo16;
enum _cstr SCNo32;
enum _cstr SCNo64;
enum _cstr SCNoLEAST8;
enum _cstr SCNoLEAST16;
enum _cstr SCNoLEAST32;
enum _cstr SCNoLEAST64;
enum _cstr SCNoFAST8;
enum _cstr SCNoFAST16;
enum _cstr SCNoFAST32;
enum _cstr SCNoFAST64;
enum _cstr SCNu8;
enum _cstr SCNu16;
enum _cstr SCNu32;
enum _cstr SCNu64;
enum _cstr SCNuLEAST8;
enum _cstr SCNuLEAST16;
enum _cstr SCNuLEAST32;
enum _cstr SCNuLEAST64;
enum _cstr SCNuFAST8;
enum _cstr SCNuFAST16;
enum _cstr SCNuFAST32;
enum _cstr SCNuFAST64;
enum _cstr SCNx8;
enum _cstr SCNx16;
enum _cstr SCNx32;
enum _cstr SCNx64;
enum _cstr SCNxLEAST8;
enum _cstr SCNxLEAST16;
enum _cstr SCNxLEAST32;
enum _cstr SCNxLEAST64;
enum _cstr SCNxFAST8;
enum _cstr SCNxFAST16;
enum _cstr SCNxFAST32;
enum _cstr SCNxFAST64;
enum _cstr PRIdMAX;
enum _cstr PRIiMAX;
enum _cstr PRIoMAX;
enum _cstr PRIuMAX;
enum _cstr PRIxMAX;
enum _cstr PRIXMAX;
enum _cstr SCNdMAX;
enum _cstr SCNiMAX;
enum _cstr SCNoMAX;
enum _cstr SCNuMAX;
enum _cstr SCNxMAX;
enum _cstr PRIdPTR;
enum _cstr PRIiPTR;
enum _cstr PRIoPTR;
enum _cstr PRIuPTR;
enum _cstr PRIxPTR;
enum _cstr PRIXPTR;
enum _cstr SCNdPTR;
enum _cstr SCNiPTR;
enum _cstr SCNoPTR;
enum _cstr SCNuPTR;
enum _cstr SCNxPTR;
nothrow @nogc @trusted intmax_t imaxabs(intmax_t j);
nothrow @nogc @trusted imaxdiv_t imaxdiv(intmax_t numer, intmax_t denom);
nothrow @nogc @trusted intmax_t strtoimax(scope const char* nptr, char** endptr, int base);
nothrow @nogc @trusted uintmax_t strtoumax(scope const char* nptr, char** endptr, int base);
nothrow @nogc @trusted intmax_t wcstoimax(scope const wchar_t* nptr, wchar_t** endptr, int base);
nothrow @nogc @trusted uintmax_t wcstoumax(scope const wchar_t* nptr, wchar_t** endptr, int base);