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Convert Win32 error code to string.

Credits Based on code written by Regan Heath

@trusted string sysErrorString(DWORD errCode, int langId = LANG_NEUTRAL, int subLangId = SUBLANG_DEFAULT);
Query the text for a Windows error code, as returned by GetLastError, as a D string.
class WindowsException: object.Exception;
Thrown if errors that set GetLastError occur.
final @property DWORD code();
GetLastError's return value.
@safe T wenforce(T, S)(T value, lazy S msg = null, string file = __FILE__, size_t line = __LINE__)
if (isSomeString!S);
If !!value is true, value is returned. Otherwise, new WindowsException(GetLastError(), msg) is thrown. WindowsException assumes that the last operation set GetLastError() appropriately.


wenforce(DeleteFileA("junk.tmp"), "DeleteFile failed");