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Interface to C++
Walter Bright Manu Evans
alias terminate_handler = extern (C++) void function() nothrow @nogc;
nothrow @nogc terminate_handler set_terminate(terminate_handler f);
nothrow @nogc terminate_handler get_terminate();
nothrow @nogc void terminate();
alias unexpected_handler = extern (C++) void function() @nogc;
deprecated nothrow @nogc unexpected_handler set_unexpected(unexpected_handler f);
deprecated nothrow @nogc unexpected_handler get_unexpected();
deprecated @nogc void unexpected();
nothrow @nogc bool uncaught_exception();
class exception;
nothrow @nogc this();
const nothrow @nogc const(char)* what();
class bad_exception: core.stdcpp.exception.exception;
nothrow @nogc this(const(char)* message = "bad exception");
const nothrow @nogc const(char)* what();