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Define registers, register masks, and the CPU instruction linked list
Compiler implementation of the D programming language.
struct _Declaration;
Code data type
public import dmd.backend.dcode : code_calloc, code_free, code_term, code_chunk_alloc, code_list;
struct REGSAVE;
Register save state.
struct LocalSection;
Local sections on the stack
struct CGstate;
Code Generator State
struct FuncParamRegs;
nothrow @system regm_t iasm_regs(block* bp);
Get registers used by a given block
block* bp asm block
mask of registers used by block bp.
nothrow @trusted void regimmed_set(int reg, targ_size_t e);
Set value in regimmed for reg.

NOTE For 16 bit generator, this is always a (targ_short) sign-extended value.