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Functions for modifying environment variables.

Source env.d

nothrow bool putenvRestorable(const(char)[] name, const(char)[] value);
Construct a variable from name and value and put it in the environment while saving the previous value of the environment variable into a global list so it can be restored later.
const(char)[] name the name of the variable
const(char)[] value the value of the variable
true on error, false on success
nothrow string allocNameValue(const(char)[] name, const(char)[] value);
Allocate a new variable via xmalloc that can be added to the global environment. The resulting string will be null-terminated immediately after the end of the array.
const(char)[] name name of the variable
const(char)[] value value of the variable
a newly allocated variable that can be added to the global environment
nothrow void restoreEnvVars();
Restore the original environment.
nothrow void saveEnvVar(const(char)[] name);
Save the environment variable name if not saved already.