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Does semantic analysis for attributes.
The term 'attribute' refers to things that can apply to a larger scope than a single declaration. Among them are:
  • Alignment (align(8))
  • User defined attributes (@UDA)
  • Function Attributes (@safe)
  • Storage classes (static, __gshared)
  • Mixin declarations (mixin("int x;"))
  • Conditional compilation (static if, static foreach)
  • Linkage (extern(C))
  • Anonymous structs / unions
  • Protection (private, public)
  • Deprecated declarations (@deprecated)

Source attrib.d

int foreachUda(Dsymbol sym, Scope* sc, int delegate(Expression) dg);
Iterates the UDAs attached to the given symbol.
Dsymbol sym the symbol to get the UDAs from
Scope* sc scope to use for semantic analysis of UDAs
int delegate(Expression) dg called once for each UDA
If dg returns != 0, stops the iteration and returns that value. Otherwise, returns 0.