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Invoke the linker as a separate process.

Source link.d

int runLINK(bool verbose, ErrorSink eSink);
Run the linker.
bool verbose print command to be executed
ErrorSink eSink message sink
status of execution. STATUS_FAILED if failed for other reasons
int runProgram(const char[] exefile, const char*[] runargs, bool verbose, ErrorSink eSink);
Run the compiled program.
char[] exefile program name
char*[] runargs arguments to exefile
bool verbose print command to be executed
ErrorSink eSink message sink
exit status
int runPreprocessor(const ref Loc loc, const(char)[] cpp, const(char)[] filename, const(char)* importc_h, ref Array!(const(char)*) cppswitches, bool verbose, ErrorSink eSink, ref OutBuffer defines, out DArray!ubyte text);
Run the C preprocessor.
Loc loc source location where preprocess is requested from
const(char)[] cpp name of C preprocessor program
const(char)[] filename C source file name
const(char)* importc_h filename of importc.h
Array!(const(char)*) cppswitches array of switches to pass to C preprocessor
bool verbose print progress to eSink
ErrorSink eSink for verbose messages and error messages
OutBuffer defines buffer to append any #define and #undef lines encountered to
DArray!ubyte text set to preprocessed text
error status, 0 for success
void parseLinkerOutput(const(char)[] linkerOutput, ErrorSink eSink);
Translate linker output to more user-friendly error messages, by extracting mangled symbols and demangling them
const(char)[] linkerOutput text that the linker printed
ErrorSink eSink sink for translated errors