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Semantic analysis of initializers.

Source initsem.d

Expression toAssocArrayLiteral(ArrayInitializer ai);
If possible, convert array initializer to associative array initializer.
ArrayInitializer ai array initializer to be converted
The converted associative array initializer or ErrorExp if ai is not an associative array initializer.
Initializer initializerSemantic(Initializer init, Scope* sc, ref Type tx, NeedInterpret needInterpret);
Perform semantic analysis on init.
Initializer init Initializer AST node
Scope* sc context
Type tx type that the initializer needs to become. If tx is an incomplete type and the initializer completes it, it is updated to be the complete type. ImportC has incomplete types
NeedInterpret needInterpret if CTFE needs to be run on this, such as if it is the initializer for a const declaration
Initializer with completed semantic analysis, ErrorInitializer if errors were encountered
Initializer inferType(Initializer init, Scope* sc);
Translate init to an Expression in order to infer the type.
Initializer init Initializer AST node
Scope* sc context
an equivalent ExpInitializer if successful, or ErrorInitializer if it cannot be translated
Expression initializerToExpression(Initializer init, Type itype = null, const bool isCfile = false);
Translate init to an Expression.
Initializer init Initializer AST node
Type itype if not null, type to coerce expression to
bool isCfile default initializers are different with C
Expression created, null if cannot, ErrorExp for other errors
Expressions* resolveStructLiteralNamedArgs(StructDeclaration sd, Type t, Scope* sc, Loc iloc, Identifier[] names, scope Expression delegate(size_t i, Type fieldType) getExp, scope Loc delegate(size_t i) getLoc);
Given the names and values of a StructInitializer or CallExp, resolve it to a list of expressions to construct a StructLiteralExp.
StructDeclaration sd struct
Type t type of struct (potentially including qualifiers such as const or immutable)
Scope* sc scope of the expression initializing the struct
Loc iloc location of expression initializing the struct
Identifier[] names identifiers passed in argument list, null entries for positional arguments
Expression delegate(size_t i, Type fieldType) getExp function that, given an index into names and destination type, returns the initializing expression
Loc delegate(size_t i) getLoc function that, given an index into names, returns a location for error messages
list of expressions ordered to the struct's fields, or null on error