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Does semantic analysis for statements.

Specification Statements

bool throwSemantic(const ref Loc loc, ref Expression exp, Scope* sc);
Run semantic on throw <exp>.
Loc loc location of the throw
Expression exp value to be thrown
Scope* sc enclosing scope
true if the throw is valid, or false if an error was found
Statement scopeCode(Statement statement, Scope* sc, out Statement sentry, out Statement sexception, out Statement sfinally);
If statement has code that needs to run in a finally clause at the end of the current scope, return that code in the form of a Statement.
Statement statement the statement
Scope* sc context
Statement sentry set to code executed upon entry to the scope
Statement sexception set to code executed upon exit from the scope via exception
Statement sfinally set to code executed in finally block
code to be run in the finally clause
auto makeTupleForeach(Scope* sc, bool isStatic, bool isDecl, ForeachStatement fs, Dsymbols* dbody, bool needExpansion);
Type check and unroll foreach over an expression tuple as well as static foreach statements and static foreach declarations. For static foreach statements and `static foreach` declarations, the visitor interface is used (and the result is written into the result field.) For `static foreach` declarations, the resulting Dsymbols* are returned directly.
The unrolled body is wrapped into a
  • UnrolledLoopStatement, for foreach over an expression tuple.
  • ForwardingStatement, for static foreach statements.
  • ForwardingAttribDeclaration, for static foreach declarations.
static foreach variables are declared as STC.local, such that they are inserted into the local symbol tables of the forwarding constructs instead of forwarded. For `static foreach` with multiple foreach loop variables whose aggregate has been lowered into a sequence of tuples, this function expands the tuples into multiple STC.local static foreach variables.
bool checkLabel(GotoStatement gs);
Check for skipped variable declarations.
GotoStatement gs statement to check
true for error