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Common string functions including filename manipulation.
struct SmallBuffer(Element);
Defines a temporary array of Elements using a fixed-length buffer as back store. If the length of the buffer suffices, it is readily used. Otherwise, malloc is used to allocate memory for the array and free is used for deallocation in the destructor.
This type is meant to use exclusively as an automatic variable. It is not default constructible or copyable.
char[230] buf = void;
auto a = SmallBuffer!char(10, buf);
assert(a[] is buf[0 .. 10]);
auto b = SmallBuffer!char(1000, buf);
assert(b[] !is buf[]);
assert(b.length == 1000);
assert(b[] !is buf[]);
scope this(size_t len, return scope Element[] buffer);
Construct a SmallBuffer
size_t len number of elements in array
Element[] buffer slice to use as backing-store, if len will fit in it
scope void create(size_t len);
Resize existing SmallBuffer.
size_t len number of elements after resize