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This module contains UDA's (User Defined Attributes) either used in the runtime or special UDA's recognized by compiler.
Jacob Carlborg
struct selector;
Use this attribute to attach an Objective-C selector to a method.
This is a special compiler recognized attribute, it has several requirements, which all will be enforced by the compiler:
  • The attribute can only be attached to methods or constructors which have Objective-C linkage. That is, a method or a constructor in a class or interface declared as
  • ,
  • It cannot be attached to a method or constructor that is a template
  • ,
  • The number of colons in the string need to match the number of arguments the method accept.
  • ,
  • It can only be used once in a method declaration
extern (Objective-C)
class NSObject
 this() @selector("init");
 static NSObject alloc() @selector("alloc");
 NSObject initWithUTF8String(in char* str) @selector("initWithUTF8String:");
 ObjcObject copyScriptingValue(ObjcObject value, NSString key, NSDictionary properties)