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Compiler implementation of the D programming language
Do mangling for C++ linkage. This is the POSIX side of the implementation. It exports two functions to C++, toCppMangleItanium and cppTypeInfoMangleItanium.

Source cppmangle.d

References Follows Itanium C++ ABI 1.86 section 5.1 which is where the grammar comments come from.

Bugs: enter C++, mangling as the keywords.
const(char)* toCppMangleItanium(Dsymbol s);
const(char)* cppTypeInfoMangleItanium(Dsymbol s);
bool isPrimaryDtor(const Dsymbol sym);
Determine if sym is the 'primary' destructor, that is, the most-aggregate destructor (the one that is defined as _xdtor)
Dsymbol sym Dsymbol
true if sym is the primary destructor for an aggregate