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Compiler implementation of the D programming language.

Source hdrgen.d

void moduleToBuffer(OutBuffer* buf, Module m);
Dumps the full contents of module m to buf.
OutBuffer* buf buffer to write to.
Module m module to visit all members of.
string stcToString(ref StorageClass stc);

pure nothrow string trustToString(TRUST trust);
Pick off one of the storage classes from stc, and return a string representation of it. stc is reduced by the one picked.
const(char)* protectionToChars(Prot.Kind kind);

pure nothrow string protectionToString(Prot.Kind kind);
a human readable representation of kind
void argExpTypesToCBuffer(OutBuffer* buf, Expressions* arguments);
Write out argument types to buf.
const(char)* parametersTypeToChars(ParameterList pl);
Pretty print function parameters.
ParameterList pl parameter list to print
Null-terminated string representing parameters.
const(char)* parameterToChars(Parameter parameter, TypeFunction tf, bool fullQual);
Pretty print function parameter.
Parameter parameter parameter to print.
TypeFunction tf TypeFunction which holds parameter.
bool fullQual whether to fully qualify types.
Null-terminated string representing parameters.