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D header file for C99.
This module contains bindings to selected types and functions from the standard C header <time.h>. Note that this is not automatically generated, and may omit some types/functions from the original C header.
Distributed under the Boost Software License 1.0. (See accompanying file LICENSE)
Sean Kelly, Alex Rønne Petersen
ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (E)
struct tm;
int tm_sec;
seconds after the minute [0-60]
int tm_min;
minutes after the hour [0-59]
int tm_hour;
hours since midnight [0-23]
int tm_mday;
day of the month [1-31]
int tm_mon;
months since January [0-11]
int tm_year;
years since 1900
int tm_wday;
days since Sunday [0-6]
int tm_yday;
days since January 1 [0-365]
int tm_isdst;
Daylight Savings Time flag
c_long tm_gmtoff;
offset from CUT in seconds
char* tm_zone;
timezone abbreviation
enum clock_t CLOCKS_PER_SEC;
nothrow @nogc @trusted clock_t clock();
pure nothrow @nogc @trusted double difftime(time_t time1, time_t time0);
nothrow @nogc @system time_t mktime(scope tm* timeptr);
nothrow @nogc @trusted time_t time(scope time_t* timer);
nothrow @nogc @system char* asctime(scope const tm* timeptr);
nothrow @nogc @system char* ctime(scope const time_t* timer);
nothrow @nogc @system tm* gmtime(scope const time_t* timer);
nothrow @nogc @system tm* localtime(scope const time_t* timer);
nothrow @nogc @system size_t strftime(scope char* s, size_t maxsize, scope const char* format, scope const tm* timeptr);
nothrow @nogc @trusted void tzset();
const(char)*[2] tzname;