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Compiler implementation of the D programming language.
This module contains high-level interfaces for interacting with DMD as a library.

Source id.d

struct Diagnostics;
Contains aggregated diagnostics information.
immutable uint errors;
Number of errors diagnosed
immutable uint warnings;
Number of warnings diagnosed
immutable bool hasErrors();
true if errors have been diagnosed
immutable bool hasWarnings();
true if warnings have been diagnosed
enum ContractChecking: CHECKENABLE;
Indicates the checking state of various contracts.
Initial value
Never do checking
Always do checking
Only do checking in @safe functions
struct ContractChecks;
Indicates which contracts should be checked or not.
ContractChecking precondition;
Precondition checks (in contract).
ContractChecking invariant_;
Invariant checks.
ContractChecking postcondition;
Postcondition checks (out contract).
ContractChecking arrayBounds;
Array bound checks.
ContractChecking assert_;
Assert checks.
ContractChecking switchError;
Switch error checks.
void deinitializeDMD();
Deinitializes the global variables of the DMD compiler.
This can be used to restore the state set by initDMD to its original state. Useful if there's a need for multiple sessions of the DMD compiler in the same application.
void addImport(const(char)[] path);
Add import path to the global.path.
const(char)[] path import to add
void addStringImport(const(char)[] path);
Add string import path to global.filePath.
const(char)[] path string import to add
string findDMDConfig(const(char)[] dmdFilePath);
Searches for a dmd.conf.
const(char)[] dmdFilePath path to the current DMD executable
full path to the found dmd.conf, null otherwise.
string findLDCConfig(const(char)[] ldcFilePath);
Searches for a ldc2.conf.
const(char)[] ldcFilePath path to the current LDC executable
full path to the found ldc2.conf, null otherwise.
string determineDefaultCompiler();
Detect the currently active compiler.
full path to the executable of the found compiler, null otherwise.
auto parseImportPathsFromConfig(const(char)[] iniFile, const(char)[] execDir);
Parses a dmd.conf or ldc2.conf config file and returns defined import paths.
const(char)[] iniFile iniFile to parse imports from
const(char)[] execDir directory of the compiler binary
forward range of import paths found in iniFile
auto findImportPaths();
Finds a dmd.conf and parses it for import paths. This depends on the $DMD environment variable. If $DMD is set to ldmd, it will try to detect and parse a ldc2.conf instead.
A forward range of normalized import paths.
Tuple!(Module, "module_", Diagnostics, "diagnostics") parseModule(AST = ASTCodegen)(const(char)[] fileName, const(char)[] code = null, DiagnosticReporter diagnosticReporter = defaultDiagnosticReporter);
Parse a module from a string.
const(char)[] fileName file to parse
const(char)[] code text to use instead of opening the file
DiagnosticReporter diagnosticReporter the diagnostic reporter to use. By default a diagnostic reporter which prints to stderr will be used
the parsed module object
void fullSemantic(Module m);
Run full semantic analysis on a module.
string prettyPrint(Module m);
Pretty print a module.
Pretty printed module as string.