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Compiler implementation of the D programming language.

Source root/array.d

pure nothrow @nogc @property inout(T)[] peekSlice(T)(inout(Array!T)* array);
Exposes the given root Array as a standard D array.
inout(Array!T)* array the array to expose.
The given array exposed to a standard D array.
pure nothrow void split(T)(ref Array!T array, size_t index, size_t length);
Splits the array at index and expands it to make room for length elements by shifting everything past index to the right.
Array!T array the array to split.
size_t index the index to split the array from.
size_t length the number of elements to make room for starting at index.
pure nothrow @nogc @safe T[] reverse(T)(T[] a);
Reverse an array in-place.
T[] a array
reversed a[]